Video Presentation

1. Presentation Preparation
  • You can record a video of PPT presentation, or show your face with high resolution as vivid as face-to-face presentation.
  • The video uploaded should be in the format of .mp4 and time duration should be 10-15 mins for a regular oral presentation, 15-20 mins for an invited speech and 30-35 mins for a keynote speech.
    How to record a video with PowerPoint
  • The Video submission deadline is September 30, 2020, and video would be updated on the conference website after pre-review and confirmation.
  • The video PPT could design as you like with requirements as below:
    √ The conference logo should be added to each PPT slide;
    √ Title, presenter and affiliation information should be indicated in the first slide;
    √ Each slide should be concise, uncluttered and readable from a distance; include only key words and phrases for visual reinforcement.
    √ Attached is the PPT Sample for your reference.
  • Signed and stamped electronic presentation certificate would be issued via e-mail after the presentation is delivered;
2. Best Video Presentations Selection
  • The best video presentation will be selected based on the Likes received on the website;
  • This award consists of a certificate and free attendance to CECNet2021.
Selection Criteria
A best presentation will be selected based on the following items:
  • Research Quality
  • Presentation Performance
  • Presentation Language
  • PowerPoint Design
Selection Procedure
  • All video presentations will be updated on the conference website;
  • Audience could select best video presentations by clicking Like, and likes with the same IP would be counted only one time for each video presentation;
  • Best video presentations will be selected based on the number of 'likes' and the confirmation results by committee judges. Results will be demonstrated on the website on November 10th;